Appointments are available by arrangement, Monday to Friday in working hours, if necessary I can see clients after 5pm or on a Saturday morning, at a slightly higher cost.

I have found that following assessment and preparatory work, longer sessions tend to shorten the overall therapist-to-client time thus promoting faster recovery and a reduced financial outlay.

The initial session is an assessment session, depending on the severity and complexity of your issues, this may run to two sessions. It will involve details of the issue, some history taking, your current lifestyle and most importantly your desired outcomes.

The following session will be about treatment planning and preparation.

Issues that bring you to therapy can be likened to having been stuck in the middle of a dark tunnel with no hope of reaching light at the end of it. Therapy is designed to facilitate you reaching that light at the end of the tunnel, however, moving forward can be upsetting and this is where the preparation stage comes in. I will teach you strategies to self soothe prior to working on the brain processing these issues.

We will then spend time on processing issues related to past, present and future. The aim being to facilitate you to have improved quality of life without the need for continuing therapy input.